Helping women touched by cancer become mothers.
Fertility Preservation

Fertile Action’s Fertility Preservation Grant exists due to the generosity of Reproductive Endocrinologists in our network. The Grant does not necessarily cover 100% of the costs associated with egg or embryo freezing, but will reduce your costs by 55% – 95%. If we do not have a provider in your area, we will work to find one that will extend a 55%-95% reduction in service fees. There is no cost to you to apply and we work with 100% of our applicants. 

Free medications are available through Ferring Pharmaceuticals Heart Beat Program with Walgreens.

It’s Simple to Apply! 

  1. You will first register your email with our electronic system at 
  2. Compile the required materials seen in the list below
  3. Start filling out your application!

Application Components and Process

  1. Personal Information Form
  2. Application Information
  3. Grant Disclosures
  4. Letter of Medical Necessity from Your Reproductive Endocrinologist if you have one
  5. Medical Clearance Letter from Your Oncologist

What the PACT Grant Does NOT Cover

The PACT Grant may not cover IVF medications, labs, ultrasounds or travel expenses. Each grant is unique and depending on the various service providers involved in your specific case depends on whether or not labs and ultrasounds will be part of the grant. For instance, not all IVF clinics have their own lab and will send your blood samples to a third party for processing. Those are hard costs you will be responsible for.

There also may be other additional costs incurred that will be the responsibility of the grantee.  Fertile Action is not financially responsible for any costs incurred beyond the specific services provided for under the PACT Grant award.  The grantee may be required to travel out of state to accept the terms of the Grant.


Fertile Action does not guarantee any of the work performed by the Service Providers or successful results.

All information submitted to Fertile Action will be held in strictest confidence and viewed only by the selection committee. No materials submitted by grantees (application, photos, letters, etc.) will be returned. Fertile Action will not be responsible for the inaccuracy of any medical clearances provided by grantees’ medical providers as part of the application process. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

We thank you for your interest in the PACT Grant and wish each and every one of you the best in your attempt to build a family.