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Fertility and Cancer: Questions and Answers.

Fertility Preservation

Dr. Karine Chung answers some of the most pressing issues concerning cancer and fertility, including both fertility and infertility options.

“It is known that chemotherapy, especially medications called alkylating agents (such as Cytoxan® [cyclophosphamide]), can immediately and dramatically reduce a woman’s supply of eggs.”

Chung continues to explain how cancer treatment can affect fertility as well as how to know if you are fertile after treatment.

Dr. Chung’s questions and answers can be found at A Woman’s Health.

A few questions Fertile Action recommends asking your doctor include: 

What is the likelihood that I will be left infertile or sterile from my cancer treatment?
What is my prognosis? 
How soon after I’m through with treatment can I attempt to get pregnant?
Will being pregnant increase my risk of recurrence? 

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