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Can a New Cancer Filter Stop the Spread?
  • Monday, December 24, 2012
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Cancer Research Update

Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer–the most dangerous and deadly part of the cancer comes from stray cells that travel to other parts of the body. Now, scientists are using tiny, magnetic structures, called nanoparticles as a method to remove free-floating ovarian cancer cells.

According to the article, “About 75 percent of women with ovarian cancer survive at least one year after diagnosis. However, by five years, overall survival rates drop to 46 percent. That’s because, in early stages, the cancer rarely causes any significant symptoms. As a result, only about 20 percent of the cancers are detected at an early stage.”

The ovarian cancer filter can help stop the stray cells from spreading. 

Does this new method help prevent infertility? Looks like the study has not gotten that far, but the good news is that it can stop the spread of cancer–which can lead to survival and in turn the possibility of a fertile future if one takes the necessary steps to see that through– to find out more about the ovarian cancer filter methods go here or click here to learn about fertility and cancer.