Helping women touched by cancer become mothers.
Fertile Action Story Protecting the vision women have of their future as mothers

Alice Cerci SpeechFertile Action is a cancer charity working to ensure fertile women touched by the disease can become mothers.

Specifically, we Educate, Advocate, Support and Provide Financial Aid:

  • Provide empowering education to patients and physicians
  • Decrease fertility preservation costs by more than 50% through our network
  • Offer fertility scholarships on a sliding scale basis
  • Advocate cancer doctors have the fertility conversation with patients DURING the treatment planning phase

Alice Crisci founded Fertile Action as the My Vision Foundation in 2008 a few weeks after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31-years-old. Struck by the limited resources available for young women with cancer, and fueled by her personal experience funding her fertility preservation on her American Express card, Crisci vowed to protect the vision women touched by cancer have of their future.

In 2009, Crisci and her board of directors realized they gained so much traction in the fertility preservation field it was necessary to rename My Vision Foundation as Fertile Action and they joined Community Partners, a 501 c 3 organization for fiscal sponsorship.

Crisci now runs My Vision as a for-profit consumer products Company that also houses My Vision PhotoTherapy, providing photography sessions to women prior to body-altering surgeries. 100% of the proceeds from the photography sessions fund scholarships for Fertile Action and My Vision Photography.

We rely on the support of private donors to help us protect the vision of each young woman’s future as a mother when she is diagnosed with cancer or learns she carries cancer genetic mutations.


We promise to protect every woman’s vision of her future as a mother. We will educate them on fertility options and financially assist women with fertility preservation. We will provide support for difficult, life-changing decisions and connect them to the resources they need. We will advocate for healthcare reform that can improve the quality of life for cancer patients and raise public awareness about the unique challenges that the young adult cancer community faces. We promise to inspire courage and emotional healing by connecting the newly diagnosed with those who conquered their cancer diagnosis and aftereffects. We will expand internationally so all young women touched by cancer have access to our services worldwide.